‘85% of Nigerian women are l3sbians’ – Actress Uju Mandy reveals

Hefty measured Nollywood entertainer Uju Mandy has made an intriguing disclosure concerning the sexuality of most Nigerian girls.

The very simple content material translator by means of the comment a part of a weblog indicated that round 85% of Nigerian girls are rehearsing l3sbianism nonetheless concealing with males.


“For younger girls on this comment space will form holy individuals. They do calm l3sbianism. 85% of Nigerian younger girls are l3sbians,” she composed.

Sufficiently entertaining, a couple of remarks are supporting her instances and the better a part of them are demanding that the speed is greater than 85 nonetheless 95 and 90 by and huge.
Evaluation that Uju Mandy who had stated she is plenty of single and never ready for marriage uncovered causes she isn’t keen to quiet down at any level within the close to future.

The only guardian of 1 likewise added the circumstances that might make her settle as a subsequent partner.

Hear her: “I’m extraordinarily terrified of marriage. It’s troublesome. I’m not solely ready for the current since I’m petrified of separation. Males will repeatedly cheat since they’re polygamous. Certainly, even jazz cannot stop a person from dishonest. I’m not a holy individual nonetheless, I’ve likewise undermined my confederate. I discovered him undermining me, so I repeated.

Assuming I get hitched and my important different cheats, I’ll not go away the affiliation. I’ll excuse him and we iron issues out. Certainly, even wedded girls cheat as effectively.”
For UjuMandy it has not been easy adapting to her bigger estimated boobs.

The Anambra state-born single guardian mourned her torments.

“As a girl with hefty measured b00bs, I face bunches of difficulties notably affronts from people. I imply plenty of put-downs from all types of individuals. Some even physique – shame me as a result of my huge b00bs. Whereas some will say that my sense is on my bosom. A variety of merciless phrases but I couldn’t care much less.

As of late, any person offended me as soon as extra, saying that I don’t have sense and I purpose with my huge br3asts

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